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Digital Marketing

Content creation in the digital marketing niche should be geared towards demonstrating expertise, building thought leadership and cultivating trust with your readership. Whether you are selling advertising services, SEO soft, or social media marketing solutions, our pool of digital marketing writers are well-versed in the industry best practices to craft expert content in this vertical.



Content marketing is booming and the financial space is no exception. To capitalise on this trend, you need content that can distill complex ideas into simple language, provide useful advice on the sensitive subject of money matters, and serve it appropriately in consideration of different socioeconomic backgrounds. That’s a lot to consider but our finance content writers are up to the task!



Looking for a tech-savvy content writer who can unravel technical product information into clear and concise copy, help your customers navigate through a complex interface, or convincingly communicate why your technological solution is the best on the market? Hire from our pool of vetted technical content writers with a wide range of tech specialties from manufacturing to SaaS.


Real Estate

Technology is changing what’s required to be a successful real estate agent, and content marketing is a big part of that. Great content can help potential clients discover you, develop trust in you, and give them a great pulse on what’s hot in the housing and rental markets to inform their real estate decisions. These are all precursors to doing business with you, and we can help you secure that business.


Business Management & Consulting

Creating great content in the business consulting and management verticals is no easy feat. The associated target audiences are one of the hardest to satisfy, let alone – impress! They are well-educated, sophisticated and highly discerning. They can tell generic run-of-the-mill content – no matter how coherent and well-written it might be – from credible articles that deliver true value to the reader.  At Content Crash, we make sure your content is always the latter.


Travel & Vacation

Want to create content that inspires your audience to visit new places, dive into exciting adventures, traverse uncharted landscapes, and indulge in new experiences? You are in the right place! Whether you are in the business of selling luxurious getaways, backpacking itineraries or simply offering insights on the travel space, our talented and passionate team of content writers knows how to wield the power of the written word to inspire wanderlust and take your readership places … both literally and figuratively speaking.


Self-help & Psychology

Are you in the business of providing products or services aimed at helping people overcome their psychological problems, heal from trauma, or generally help them make a difference in their lives? Then you are going to need some truly valuable and actionable content that can inspire, educate and nurture your audience. Let us be a part of this honourable endeavour and help you create content that ticks all of those boxes by sharing truths and strategies that can help your readers in their efforts to improve their mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being.


Health & Fitness

Just like getting in great shape, creating great content in the health & fitness vertical takes heaps of time, tons of effort, and buckets of motivation. And just like diet and exercise, you don’t have to do it all alone. We will be  more than happy to be your content creation buddy. Our content writers can get your audience motivated and moving through the power of words alone!


Culture & Lifestyle

Never before has digital media been such a significant factor in shaping our lifestyles and defining our culture. It influences everything  from how we serve our food to the way we parent our children. As a result,  lifestyle content marketing has become one of the main branding devices of forward-thinking businesses. No matter what lifestyle vertical you are in – whether it is DIY, parenting, art, yoga, zero-waste living, veganism… you name it! – our content writers can craft content that embodies your brand’s culture, resonates with your target audience, and aligns with their passions.


Food & Beverage

Need a content writer who can encapsulate the exquisite essence of your culinary creations in words? Look no further! Our copywriters are masters at crafting mouthwatering sentences that will make  your readers’ taste buds tingle with anticipation!

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